Version 2.7.3 January 19, 2008

Copyright 2002-2007 Corey Trager - ctrager@yahoo.com
Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License

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    BugTracker.NET also includes the following software:

  • overLIB 3.51 - Copyright Erik Bosrup 1998-2002 (the date chooser)
  • POP3Client.cs - Bill Dean
  • SharpMailTools (parsing MIME messages) - Copyright Angel Marin 2003-2007
  • log4net (logging library used by SharpMailTools) - From Apache Software Foundation
  • FCKEditor (HTML text editor) - Frederico Caldeira Knabben

    Thanks to the following for their technical contributions:

  • Andrew Lovetski for so much bug reporting.
  • Andrew McKay at www.kazmax.co.uk for interesting ideas.
  • Eugene Kalinin for constructive critical feedback in the early days.
  • Jason Kresowaty for contributions to the Subversion integration and attachments in the db.
  • Jason Taylor for converting urls and email addresses in comments to hyperlinks.
  • Jochen Jonckheere for many important bug reports, the clever translate.aspx sample, and intergrating FCKEditor.
  • Martin Richter for code to handle international date formating.
  • Maty Siman at www.checkmarx.com for security-related contributions.
  • Michael Andreas for reporting bugs and for encouragement.
  • Michael Wilson for both ideas AND the code for several important features.
  • Sylvain Ross for performance improvements to btnet_service.exe, btnet_console.exe
  • Tom Sella for improvements related to using terms like "issue" instead of "bug".

    Thanks to the following for their donations:

  • Legio Media
  • Ahmed Javad at Valentia Technologies
  • Andrew McKay at www.kazmax.co.uk
  • Ben Petersen
  • bidllc
  • D. Cloption at Information Designs
  • David Jukes at BigPond
  • Goran Mrvos at infoSIT
  • James Crane at You Can Trade Online
  • James Lloyd at Columbia Forest Products
  • Jeffery Cooney
  • Joseph Prochazka at Swift Byte
  • Kellee Gunderson at Champion College Solutions
  • M. Bell at Codefaze.com
  • Martina Hobbs at Banner Health
  • matro
  • Michael Andreas at Liebherr
  • Mike Elmalem at eFactory
  • Peter Heath
  • romwil

    If you have made a contribution to BugTracker.NET in the past and want to be listed on this page, email me at ctrager@yahoo.com.